Does Waxing Make Hair Thicker?

You probably remember a lot of things from your youth that were designed to shape and mold your overall behavior. Countless people likely remember being told that a certain activity would result in them growing hair on their palms and they are also told that it would leave them blind and unable to see with their own two eyes. In spite of the fact that this is the case, none of these myths were true and they were pretty much just put in place as a form of control which is why none of those terrible things ended up occurring at the end of the day.

It is important to note that these myths still exist in society and we need to be vigilant if we want the smallest chance of being able to get over them and finally start to progress as a species. You might have heard a recent myth that waxing will only make your hair thicker, but all you need to do is read here to find out that this is about as truthful as Bigfoot existing or the Loch Ness Monster swimming around in a Scottish lake!

This myth is an updated version of an old one that stated that shaving your hair made it thicker. This came about due to an apparently thicker layer of hair that grows when you shave, but this thickness quickly subsides and the hair softens out again over time. The great thing about waxing is that it doesn’t even cause this initial thickness with the hair instead feeling rather fine. Hence, you can get your waxing done without having to worry about it making your hair thicker or darker.

Don’t Get Lip Fillers Without Reading These Points

There are lots of beauty clinics offering lip fillers these days. Lip fillers have become very common, and lots of people get them on a daily basis. Therefore, they have become widely accepted, and people usually do not think twice before getting them. However, this can prove to be one of the biggest mistakes.

You should always do proper research before getting any medical treatment done on you, especially the one which can change your appearance temporarily or permanently.

So, in this article, we will mention some of the most important points you should read before getting lip fillers/ lip enhancement treatment.

Find The Best Doctor

If you have never got any cosmetic procedure done on you, you might not know any good cosmetic doctor. Therefore, you should do property search and find the best doctor to get your lip fillers. If you get treated from an unprofessional doctor, they might make your lips look uneven by incorrectly operating on them.

A good lip filler doctor always make sure that you retain your natural look while getting plump lips. Therefore, you should always find a good doctor to get your lip fillers.

Proceed Slowly

When getting lip fillers, you should never hurry. You can tell your surgeon to proceed slowly with injections and check how you look after every filling session. If you like how you look after half of the procedure is done, you can ask your doctor if you can come in a few weeks to get the rest of it done. Most of the clinics allow it, and it can help you avoid getting your lips overfilled.

Prepare For The Appointment

Always prepare the right questions for your lip filler doctor before you can sit with him in an appointment. This will help you understand the whole procedure in a better way, and avoid any problems in the long run.

Things You Must Learn About Biologique Recherche

If you look closely, you will find out that almost every skin care company has an acid in its lineup of products. However, the OG of all skincare products is Biologique Recherche, which was introduced in the 1970s.

The lotion P50 by Biologique Recherche helps exfoliate and balance your skin. It peels your skin for 50 days (which are two skin cycles) to make your skin glow.

In this article, we will discuss a few things you must learn about Biologique Recherche.

Is It Still Effective?

In the 1970s, P50 was one of the most famous skincare products around the globe. However, in the 2000s, the lotion became too harsh for most skin types as more people were suffering from environmental challenges and were going to plastic surgeons.

At that time, a more gentle version of the P50 was developed to keep it relevant. But some countries like strong exfoliation, so they still love the 1970 version of P50. But the 1% phenol in the original version is now restricted in countries like Canada. So, people are now advised to use the original version for up to 3 months before going to the gentle version.

Is P50 Only Good For Certain Skin Types?

Basically, the P50 lotion isn’t a good choice for people with excessively sensitive skin.

However, these people can use the gentle version, or some other alternatives which deliver close enough results.

Is It Like Every Other Acid?

The P50 lotion isn’t like every other acid. That’s because it only has 2 to 5% acid. Other products have up to 10%, which is too harsh for many skin types.

At 2-5%, P50 works more like a moisturizer than an exfoliator.

These were some important things you must learn about Biologique Recherche.