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How Far Can You Run Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Everyone these days is trying to find a way to reduce their monthly expenses so that they can make their budgets smaller thereby allowing them to have a bit more money set aside each month that they can dedicate towards things like ensuring an appropriate amount of savings that can be used for retirement in some way, shape or form. A really effective way to reduce your monthly spending is to reduce your electricity bill at any given point in time.

You can do this by hiring a landscape lighting company in Houston to add some low voltage landscape lights to your garden instead of the high voltage variants that you might already have installed perhaps due to the reason that they came with the home that you bought already. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that low voltage lights would definitely use up a lot less electricity, and that can reduce your bill by an amount that you might find to be rather appreciable for the most part.

One thing to keep in mind about low voltage landscape lighting is that you can run it at most a hundred feet away from the power source. Anything further than that might result in the lights fluctuating or they might be too dim for you to use them properly. What’s more is that if you stretch them further the fluctuation might cause the LEDs to burn out. They need a stable flow of current to maintain their luminosity, and they might start to get damaged and flicker if you don’t follow the recommended limit of distance.

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