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How to Add Image Extensions Google Ads

There was a time not all that long ago wherein text based ads were more than adequate in terms of generating a broader customer base for a given business. Advances in printing technology and the like enabled the addition of images that were hand drawn to newspaper ads, but when the internet became prominent suffice it to say that we reverted to text ads for a brief duration. That said, the internet has advanced and become more complicated as well as of late, and this has resulted in images for ads making a resounding comeback.

On the off chance that you actually want your ads to get clicked on instead of barely being glanced at, you might want to add some Google image extensions to them whenever you can. In order to add such an extension to any and all ads that you currently have up and running on Google, we would recommend first going to your central Ads account. When you are there, you can click on the extensions link that will take you to a separate page.

This list of extensions will obviously include your image extensions as well. You can now open a drop down menu and select the option that allows you to include a brand new extension for an image. This will give your ad a huge amount of visual flair that will make it an irresistible thing for regular, everyday people to look at. You can use this to your advantage by utilizing the most eye catching images that you can get your hands on, and hiring a professional to create these images will usually be a really great idea all in all.

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