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Tips to Clean Your Rackmount Monitor


While normal monitors and LCD displays are usually easy to clean, rugged monitors like the ones mounted on your server rack are an exception. Due to regular usage, rackmount monitors, or the rackmount LCD on your server can get really dirty, and depending on the type of environment your servers are installed in, cleaning such displays can become a headache. While you can’t save your rackmount monitors from getting touched by dirty hands, you can definitely clean them by using proper cleaning methods.

Let’s see how you can clean your rackmount LCD displays properly.

Prepare For Proper Cleaning

Although most of the rackmount monitors are waterproof, yours might not be one of them. So, you should prepare the display for proper cleaning to avoid any type of liquid damage. Keep in mind that displays on these things are really fragile, and even the slightest mishandling can cause them to shatter.

The preparation process includes shutting down the rackmount monitor, and unplugging it from anything it might be attached with, including the power source. After this, let the system cool down to make it safer for everyone to clean them.

Avoid Pressing Hardly

During the cleaning process, you’ll surely come across a few spots which will be much more difficult and frustrating to clean. Whenever this happens, remember to not use too much force to remove the spot as this might further complicate the process by damaging the screen. Using solutions like isopropyl alcohol is the best thing you can use to clean the tough spot in this case. You can also dilute the solution with water depending on the spot you’re cleaning. After using the solution, wipe the area down with repeated forwards and backwards motion without applying any pressure.

This is how you can properly clean your rackmount monitor without damaging it.

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