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Why You Should Have Immigration Counsel Present at Your USCIS Interview

If you have applied for US immigration, you will have to go through an interview with USCIS. Whenever you receive the invitation to attend the interview, you might be tempted to attend the interview without any immigration counsel. You might think that this will save you money. However, many people end up spending more money in the long run just because they did not have immigration council present in their first interview with USCIS.

Although you can easily fill the forms and submit them with the relevant authorities without requiring any legal help, having a legal counsel present with you at the interview is very important. Here is how this can help you.

They Can Prevent Excessive Screening

Whenever you apply for US immigration, you will have to go through a thorough interview in which you will be screened by the authorities. Although the officials are respectful and calm most of the time, they can start investigating you thoroughly as soon as they suspect that you are a threat to the country, or you lied on your form.

If you have remained unlawfully in the United States, you might even get arrested at the interview. So, it always helps to have a legal aid with you when going to the interview.

Your lawyer can help you learn about an adjustment of status, and can prevent the authorities from asking unlawful questions by pointing out the problem. So, always have an immigration lawyer with you at the USCIS interview.

They Can Help You in Complex Issues

During the USCIS interview, the officer can ask you questions relevant to the forms you have already filled. While most of these questions are answerable easily, some of them can get very complex, and can decide the fate of your application.

Your immigration lawyer can help you answer all of the questions properly.

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