Who is The Greatest Lawyer in The World?

Judging who is the greatest member of a specific kind of profession is all about ascertaining the qualities that are viewed as most admirable within that kind of profession at any given point in time. When it comes to lawyers, there are two ways in which you can go about looking at this in some way, shape or form. The first way would be to look into who the highest earning lawyer is in the world, and the second would be to analyze who has done the most good in their profession.

We are of the opinion that the latter tends to matter a lot more than the former. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that people at CES Law can do a lot of good in the world and lawyers are often not able to do this because they are blinded by money. That’s why our pick for the greatest lawyer in the world happens to be William Gary, someone that has helped people that suffered due to corporations get billions of dollars in damages paid to them.

Lawyers are the only people that can keep greedy corporations at bay, and Gary’s dedication to helping people that are suffering makes him truly great in a wide range ways. The thing is, his long career has resulted in him becoming pretty wealthy too which just goes to show that you can be a good person and still enjoy a comfortable life at the same time. Gary has forced corporations to pay over $30 billion over the course of his career which makes him a truly great lawyer.

How to Find The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Losing any kind of legal case at all is something that would definitely make you feel really bad about yourself if you think about it a little too often, but there is a pretty good chance that a personal injury case loss would be even worse. This is because of the fact that it would essentially be salt in your wounds since you were wrongfully injured by someone and that person is going off scot free and you are left with legal bills that you are truly going to struggle to pay.

Suffice it to say that you would do anything in your power to avoid having to lose a personal injury case in court, so finding the very best personal injury law firm in New York is something that would be worth your while. The truth of the situation is that there are a lot of tactics that you can use to parse the good lawyers from the bad, but the most tried and tested method that is currently at your disposal would involve you asking your potential lawyer about their credentials.

If your lawyer has gone to a great law school, the fact of the matter is that they would most likely do a good job representing you. However, if you feel like your lawyer’s credentials are in any way suspect, that is a major red flag. You should never hire a lawyer that went to a low quality law school since this would make it more or less certain that you would lose in front of a judge and jury. Asking basic questions like this can go a long way towards securing top notch legal representation.

How Hiring an IP Lawyer Can Benefit You

If you have just come across a great idea which can be transformed into a great business, you should definitely protect that idea. Whenever you start communicating your new idea to the public in order to attract new investors, you are at the risk of someone copying your idea for their own benefit. So, to avoid this from happening, you will have to hire an intellectual property lawyer to safeguard your intellectual property rights.

So, let’s see how an IP attorney can benefit you in several different ways.

Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring an intellectual property lawyer is that they will help safeguard your intellectual property from infringement. The lawyer will help you register your idea by using any patents, trademarks or copyrights as doing this will help in protecting your idea from getting copied.

However, simply registering your intellectual property is not enough to keep the copy cats away. For that purpose, you will have to hire an intellectual property lawyer.

So, if you want to make sure that no one else would be able to copy your idea in the future, hire a lawyer and let them do the rest of the work.

Drafting Agreements

In addition to safeguarding your intellectual property, an IP lawyer can also draft agreements for you.

For example, if you want to sell your patent or idea to another person, the lawyer can help create an agreement between you two. They will then license your agreement and make it official to ensure a safe and secure transaction.

So, you can hire a trustable intellectual property lawyer, and forget about all the legal paperwork related to your ideas.

These were some of the biggest benefits of hiring an intellectual property lawyer.

Why You Should Have Immigration Counsel Present at Your USCIS Interview

If you have applied for US immigration, you will have to go through an interview with USCIS. Whenever you receive the invitation to attend the interview, you might be tempted to attend the interview without any immigration counsel. You might think that this will save you money. However, many people end up spending more money in the long run just because they did not have immigration council present in their first interview with USCIS.

Although you can easily fill the forms and submit them with the relevant authorities without requiring any legal help, having a legal counsel present with you at the interview is very important. Here is how this can help you.

They Can Prevent Excessive Screening

Whenever you apply for US immigration, you will have to go through a thorough interview in which you will be screened by the authorities. Although the officials are respectful and calm most of the time, they can start investigating you thoroughly as soon as they suspect that you are a threat to the country, or you lied on your form.

If you have remained unlawfully in the United States, you might even get arrested at the interview. So, it always helps to have a legal aid with you when going to the interview.

Your lawyer can help you learn about an adjustment of status, and can prevent the authorities from asking unlawful questions by pointing out the problem. So, always have an immigration lawyer with you at the USCIS interview.

They Can Help You in Complex Issues

During the USCIS interview, the officer can ask you questions relevant to the forms you have already filled. While most of these questions are answerable easily, some of them can get very complex, and can decide the fate of your application.

Your immigration lawyer can help you answer all of the questions properly.

Advantages of a Safer Workplace

The thing with safer workplaces is that despite the type of work you are doing and the business you own, you must always have a workplace that is safer for not just you but everyone else who is working there. I do understand that this might not be something that everyone prefers but this genuinely is the right thing to do because otherwise, you are only going to run into more issues.

Now, the good news about the situation is that you can just look at all the options that you have and make your workplace as safe as possible. You can even check workplace injuries and how to handle them. Once you are fully aware of these things, the end result would be better.

However, there are certain benefits to having a safer workplace.

Healthier Workspace

Simply put, you get a healthier workspace and you be sure that there is nothing else going wrong. I understand that this might be an oversight for a lot of people but hey, as long as you are keeping sure that your workplace is safe, you will be all good and your employees will also be happier.

More Productivity

One more thing is you are going to get a better productivity whenever you are going for a safer workspace environment. More productivity will always result in your workers doing things the right way, and there will not be much to worry about, either. Therefore, you should always focus on this and you will be in the right position too. Take some time to carefully inspect the workings of the organization and implement the changes that need to be implemented.

Once you have taken care of these things, you’ll notice the benefits.

Benefits of Going For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

We have discussed different bankruptcies in details over the past couple of articles, and it is something that keeps on repeating itself because even on its own, you are looking at a massive topic that you will have to go through if you are thinking about.

However, an important part to know is that not all bankruptcy types are the same. Some are going to apply to you while others might not and in such situations, it would be ideal if you are looking at the right one. For now, we want to focus on chapter 13 bankruptcy and the benefits it brings.

You can check chapter 13 and car repossession and how it works to get a better idea, too. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

It Can Stop The Repossession of Your Car

Whenever you are filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy, most creditors will have to stop any collection efforts against you as an order that is called “automatic stay.” In case you have already filed for the bankruptcy, the car lender cannot repossess your car, and therefore, you get to keep the car to yourself.

Allows For Proper Payments

Another benefit of this bankruptcy is that it allows for proper payment times which a lot of people cannot really focus on. The benefit here is that under this bankruptcy, the lenders will not be forcing you to pay more or pay before the time is due. So, you will be able to make monthly payments based on the amount and time that will be set legally.

These are some of the most common benefits of this bankruptcy type and are the main reason why people prefer this, at the same time.

Why Uniondale is Such a Great Place to Do Business

When you take the decision to start any kind of a business at all, you must first start off by looking for a place to do business in in the first place. This is because of the fact that where you do business tends to matter just as much as what kind of business you take part in, and the truth of the situation is that the tax laws that certain places have put into place as well as labor laws can make it exceedingly difficult for you to turn the kind of profit that will matter to you in a way that is sustainable.

Taking a look at Uniondale small businesses will show you that they are truly thriving right now in a way that is rather spectacular, and that is why establishing your business in Uniondale before any other area is something that we would strongly urge you to do. For one thing, the business community in this locale has turned into a wonderful source of revenue for the people of the city, and there are laws that are pretty lax which means there is a pretty good chance that you can make the kind of profit that you have always wanted.

While you are by no means guaranteed any kind of success when you start your business in Uniondale, the fact of the matter is that the chances of success would still be higher than might have been the case otherwise. That in and of itself is something that is worth mentioning time and time again and we are going to shout it from the rooftops until everyone gets a chance to hear it.